The WinPSAR Valuation Process

Producing Accurate, Reliable Property Valuations

 Based on geographic and date-of-sale criteria you enter, WinPSAR draws a sales sample of up to 250 comparable properties from a comprehensive database of property information. The valuation report generated is based on this sales sample and shows the aggregate of two analyses: market comparable analysis and a regression analysis.


Market Comparable Analysis

 The physical characteristics of the subject property are compared to the characteristics for each sales sample property. Selling prices of the sales sample properties are adjusted to reflect differences in characteristics between a sales sample property and the subject property. For example, if a subject property has three bedrooms and a sales sample property has four, the sales sample property value is adjusted downward for the dollar value attributed to the extra bedroom. This provides a true comparison, apples to apples, of the property. WinPSAR derives the Market Comparable Estimated Market Value for the subject property from the average of the adjusted value for the sales that are the most similar to the subject property.


Manual Analysis Screen


Multiple Regression Analysis

 WinPSAR also predicts the sales price of the subject property using characteristics that are good predictors of sales price, such as number of bedrooms, living area or any other criteria. WinPSAR builds a mathematical model that reflects the average affect of these characteristics across the sales sample. The model is then applied to the subject property to produce its Regression Estimated Market Value. WinPSAR averages the Estimated Market Value and the Regression Estimated Market Value to determine the final Estimated Market Value for the subject property.